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Corporate Social Responsibility

PICO and the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) with community

PICO (Thailand) Public Company Limited recognizes that when any business is operating within a sustainable society and a fostering environment, such business can thrive much more easily and sustainably. Hence, with its stated philosophy, “What is good to the community is good to the business”, PICO has always been focusing its practices on creating innovative services that are useful for social betterment as a whole.

Incorporating social development to innovative creativity

Strategically, PICO has incorporated pressing social concerns to be a part of its corporate philosophy. Since 2005, the company has strengthened its capability by blending in better-quality content, gathered from its worldwide network, to its various creative services and then eagerly offering to the Thai society. PICO is the pioneer in the creation of Knowledge Communication as it is known that “knowledge” is not only deemed necessary by the society but also by the market. This may be because a lack of quality in education inevitably has a fundamental impact and leads to problems in other aspects of the society.

PICO designed and later activated a new department, called “Education Communications” whose main responsibilities are to research and study innovations on education, and then convey or communicate these ideas to the Thai public. Hence, the company has started this initiative since 2007 and the issue of teacher professional development has become the key focus of Education Communications. However, only after 2011, the subject has become interwoven with the company’s business and organization strategies. This integration is in line with the idea of “CSV or Creating Shared Value”, stipulated by Prof. Michael E. Potter who argues that when businesses develop deep links between their corporate strategies and the society, they can generate economic value in a sustainable manner and are able to reconnect company financial success with long-term social progress.

Innovative services and PICO’s CSV programs on education

Innovative services and the company’s CSV programs, specifically Education Communications, have been outlined as a blueprint for business strategy. The company provides 3 approaches of Education Communications : core business activities, other educational content services, and CSV activities on education.

  1. Core Business Activities
    • EDUCA : the Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development
      “Innovative Public and Private Partnership (PPP) on Ongoing Teacher Professional Development” Since 2007, EDUCA is a part of the company’s CSV initiative on education, operated under the Public and Private Partnership (PPP) model. The event has been well-received from not only the governmental body, but also from public interest, particularly from teachers nationwide. With increasing participation from teachers all over the country, EDUCA has been a crucial part in helping Thai teachers develop professionally and sustainably.

      In 2016, the 9th EDUCA 2016 was organized under the theme “School as Learning Community,” in which more than 30,000 teachers and educators participated. As a network for educators and teachers, EDUCA has 200,729 registered members, as well as 25,488 followers on Facebook (a significant increase of 76.3% from that of 2015). This year EDUCA provided new media options to communicate with teachers such as EDUCA on Line official and Instagram. This shows that EDUCA responds effectively to the change of customer communication platform.

      Importantly, EDUCA initiated 3 innovative projects (1) Book for Teacher, the Life-long Learning Exemplars, (2) EDUCA Talk and (3) EDUCA Go Green. These projects focused on teacher as a life-long learning exemplar, a thought leader and a role model of environmental-friendly person.
    • Book for Teacher : the Life-Long Learning Exemplars
      EDUCA 2016 believes that cultivating the reading habit in teachers will lead to a sustainable reading culture among students. As a result, the “Book for Teacher, the Life-Long Learning Exemplars” was launched this year. With the support from several public and private sectors that recognize the importance of reading and learning, EDUCA has selected 40 renowned books for teacher professional development and distributed to EDUCA 2016 registered members. Additionally, four more books linked to the theme “School as Learning Community” were published especially for this year congress. Each teacher can collect one book, depending on his/her interest. This is the first time focusing on our teacher as a life-long learning exemplar.
    • EDUCA Talk : The Platform of Ideas and Inspirations
      The EDUCA Talk was held for the first time in EDUCA 2016. This program was initiated by the company, aimed to share valuable experience of 6 aspiring teachers under the theme “Straight to the Heart”. EDUCA Talk is not only the means to inspire teachers, but also position teacher as a thought leader of society. The talks were also broadcasted through digital platform, YouTube channel. Currently, the number of the views has exceeded 15,000.
      Pico (Thailand) exceedingly realized the importance of the responsibility to the society, particularly the interconnectedness between education and the environment. Therefore, EDUCA 2016 was implemented with the idea, EDUCA GO GREEN. To reduce the use of papers, this was the first time that the participants could download handouts and certificates online. Raising the environmental awareness and sustainable public responsibility, the company aspires that teachers will be the role models of this environmental-friendly practice by taking action.
    • The contents from EDUCA 2016 were also expanded and presented in other forms such as news scoop and keynote speaker interviews. Apart from gaining interest from participants, the contents were also broadcasted through digital platform like YouTube in order that other teachers who could not join the event are able to take part.

  2. Other educational content services

    Besides the core business activities, the company also provides other educational content services which have been trusted by key clients from both public and private sectors/bodies. Not surprisingly, the demand for these services is continuously growing.

    The best example of these educational content services, provided by the company, is “Mahidol Channel,” a university channel which broadcasts the bodies of knowledge in arts and science. It works under the concept “education that entertains.” As the fourth year of Mahidol Channel, It has become a source of knowledge in health and society, a reliable university channel with the most viewed on YouTube and website.

    Furthermore, the company served many educational projects for Thai government sectors including (1) DLIT (Distance Learning Information Technology) The company worked for the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. The Office of the Basic Commission (OBEC) is a project’s owner. DLIT is designed to utilize advancing communicative technology to transform teaching and learning process, close the gap, and make it easy for everyone to access the knowledge and teaching resources .As a tool to support effective teaching for teachers, DLIT is divided into 5 categories: DLIT Classroom, DLIT Resources, DLIT Digital Library, DLIT PLC or Professional Learning Community, and DLIT Assessment. It has received good feedback from all users including teachers and educators countrywide. (2) Eng24, an online learning tool to improve English skills. Eng24 is another project which the company served to Mahidol University. The project is also owned by OBEC. It is designed to be an effective online learning tool for teachers, students and general public. Eng24 consists of many types of programs such as Eng hour, Eng for Daily life and Eng for Occupation. This program doesn’t merely show how to improve the viewers’ English skills, but also inspires them to use English as much as they could. It is utilized in many schools through website and YouTube and has received praise from Thai teachers.

    Certainly, the company is very delighted to produce valuable digital contents for our clients, and at the same time, is exceedingly proud to be a crucial part in helping the society grow sustainably and proficiently.

  3. CSV activities on education

    From November 2015 - October 2016, the company organized and took part in 12 CSV activities on education, which are:

    1. A provision of financial support on travelling and registration cost to 25 school administrators and the faculty members participating in the “World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference: WALS 2015,” at Khon Kaen University.
      The central theme of the conference was “Lesson Study for Improvement of Classroom Quality.” The company supported a group of school principals and the faculty members to develop their competence and leadership. This activity was to offer an opportunity for educators and school administrators to learn global knowledge, to exchange their learning experiences and to utilize Lesson Study in developing their school and creating the sustainable learning culture.

    2. The organization of a workshop and a public lecture on the topic “Lesson Study: School as Learning Community Approach,” in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School and the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. This event was organized in order to raise awareness, shared vision to bring lesson study (SLC approach) in reforming school. For this purpose, the company was responsible for the invitation of Prof. Manabu Sato, Ph.D., a well-known education expert from Japan to be a speaker for the event, and for his travelling and accommodation cost. The company also supported the costs of taping the workshop and the lecture so that the footage can be broadcasted on EDUCA website for other teachers and educators.

    3. A provision of academic support to Faculty of Education, Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University at the 4th Teacher Education Academic Fair.
      Pico (Thailand) backed the 4th Teacher Education Academic Fair, Faculty of Education, Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University by supporting an education specialist to be a moderator at an academic seminar on “Teach Less, Learn More Practice”. The seminar aimed to be a platform for knowledge and experiences sharing, as well as to broaden education perspectives among faculty members, teachers, parents, students, and the public. The contents of the seminar received immense attention from the mass media.

    4. A provision of financial support on travelling and registration cost to 4 leading educators participating in Teach for America 25th Anniversary Summit.
      The main theme of the summit was “Together We Rise”. The company supported 3 faculty members and a leading school administrator to learn about the Teach for All network’s progress of making an impact on education. Beside exchanging knowledge and practices with education leaders in New York City, the participants brought a number of stories, instructional practices and inspirations home to share with the Thailand Principal Forum members in order to develop a more efficient Principal Forum at EDUCA.

    5. A provision of financial support on travelling and registration cost to 3 young leading teacher educators participating in American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2016 Summit at Washington D.C., USA.
      This summit was under the theme “Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies.” Three young Thai teacher educators from three leading universities joined knowledge sharing sessions and attended to a number of interesting lectures from experts around the globe. This activity aimed to offer an opportunity for young educators to learn global knowledge and to share their learning experiences to the 4th Suksa Forum under the theme “Time for Teacher Education Reform.” (as detailed in the list no. 11 below)

    6. A provision of financial support on travelling and registration cost to a senior leading teacher educator to attend the “Teacher Education Policy in Europe Network 2016 (TEPE 2016)” at the University of Malta, Malta.
      The company believes that “Teacher Education,” play an extremely vital role in developing the educational system of the country. Wishing to set example regarding its CSV roles on education to other businesses, the company continues to fund any program contributing to the development of educational personnel’s leadership skills, required in steering the progress of education for Thailand. Consequently, the body of knowledge gained from the said conference was then used to drive several later activities in order to further improve teacher education in Thailand.

    7. The provision of secretariat and administrative support to Thailand Principal Forum (TPF).
      Moved by a number of conferences the company has sponsored the educators to attend such as Principal Forum at EDUCA 2013 and 2014, the International Confederation of Principal (ICP) 2011, 2012, and 2015, and World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference (WALS) 2012 and 2014, the educators whom were sponsored shared their lessons learned and introduced effective practices to improve schools. As a result, Thailand Principal Forum was formed with a mission to reform Thai schools by the collaborations among principals from schools of different subordinations. The group aims to share knowledge in developing themselves, teachers, and their schools. The company has continually provided secretariat and administrative supports to the TPF. Currently, the group consists of 168 principals and educators from 44 different schools

    8. A provision of financial support on travelling and registration cost to a young leading teacher educator, to attendthe 12th International Conference of the Learning Science (ICLS) 2016.
      The conference was held at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang University, Singapore under the theme “Transforming Teacher, Empowering Learner” aimed to encourage knowledge sharing, curriculum design research, development of teaching technology, and also learning innovation for teachers and international education. The supported participant is expected to share her learning experiences to the 4th Suksa Forum under the theme “Time for Teacher Education Reform.” (as detailed in the list no. 11 below)

    9. A provision of academic support to the 6th National Academic Symposium on Special Education Research, Srinakharinwirot University.
      The company supported our education specialist to be a speaker at the 6th National Academic Symposium on Special Education Research, Srinakharinwirot University on the topic “School as Learning Community: A New Alternative to Classroom Development”. The conference aimed to encourage researches regarding special children in 21st century by opening a platform for knowledge sharing and informative discussion.

    10. A provision of secretariat support to the special education institutions.
      Realizing the importance of special education development, the company provides secretariat support to The Foundation for Promotion of Gifted Children. The foundation has publicized information regarding special education development and also networked with other special education institutions, both public and private. In the past year, five meetings has been held and the foundation together with its network co-hosted workshops and exhibitions at EDUCA 2016, in which special education activities received tremendous attention from teachers, educators and the public.

    11. Hosting of “4th Suksa Forum,” under the theme “Time for Teacher Education Reform”.
      With its objectives to “cooperatively re-design and innovate Thai educational system of the future”, Suksa Forum was a get-together for leading educators, senior advisors, and other education experts to exchange ideas. The 4th Suksa Forum was held under the theme “Time for Teacher Education Reform”. This forum invited faculty members who were sponsored to attend international summits to present and share their lessons learned. Aiming to discuss and to emphasize on the working practices to improve teacher education. There were altogether a number of 40 participants including the mass media. Subsequently, the contents of the seminar received an expansive coverage from the media.

    12. A provision of financial support on travelling and accommodation cost for 4 leading educational experts from Thailand to participate in the Fourth International Conference for School as Learning Community (SLC), conducted by the International Network for School as Learning Community, Beijing University.
      A Thai scholar representative joined the conference as a speaker, presenting a case study of SLC in Thailand. Furthermore, there were other faculty members sharing knowledge and participating in the conference. SLC approach has become the key theme of EDUCA 2016 because of its successful stories in classrooms and school reforms around Asia. By attending the conference, the participants had an opportunity to exchange ideas on “SLC”. Moreover, the approach was adopted to practice in the TPF network.

    13. Creating Shared Value (CSV) on education through Education Communications remains a business strategy in which the company strongly believes. PICO (Thailand) is confident that by creating the shared value on sustainable education development will eventually give the company a better leverage in the growing competitive business world. The company also anticipates that, by setting a positive example on CSV, other businesses will appreciate the importance of CSV to the development of society as a whole. Meanwhile, it also hopes to see the growing movement of CSV from other corporations to help making the development of our society lasting and sustainable.

Guided by the environmental policy of the PICO Group (PICO Eco), PICO (Thailand) puts its emphasis on 3R: reduce, reuse, and recycle. This 3R measures are the following:

  • REDUCE: Reducing the Usage of Company Resources
    • “Think before You Print” project campaigns for the reduction of paper used in printing, especially emails and other information sent through emails. As part of the campaign, the symbol “PICO Eco”, along with the text “Think before You Print,” appears at the end of each email, acting as a constant reminder not to overuse paper for printing.

      To reinforce the campaign, the printers are also set to require personal printing codes prior to printing. With this scheme in place, the company has successfully reduced the number of paper and ink used that may have previously been caused by unintentional printing.
    • Use of CD (soft file) in the submission of reports to Clients promotes the reduction in the use of paper and other materials. This practice has already been done with several big Clients.
    • An “energy-saving campaign in the workplace” is to cultivate a long-term awareness and social responsibilities regarding the environment to all staff.
    • A campaign to reduce waste and to conserve water is also promoted at the company. Several measures are introduced as a result. For example, at the office coffee shop, the employees are encouraged not to use paper coffee cup. To achieve this, the company gives a discount for beverages to those who bring their own cups. Moreover, the company also provides drinking water dispenser for staff. This certainly helps reduce the number of plastic bottles and the amount of water discarded by the use of pitchers.
  • REUSE: Reusing Materials
    • The company has promoted the re-use of materials, structures, supplies, accessories and tool, when working for clients. For instance, PICO Dome, a large ready-made structure, is part of the company’s service that does not merely effectively employ the use of space and efficiently save the transportation and assembly costs, but also competently reduce the amount of waste from construction and demolition. Additionally, the company also trusts that it is necessary to recommend and advise clients on considering the re-use of materials or any modular structures and decorative items for their exhibits. This, in turns, help reduce costs for both the company and the customers.
    • A campaign “Give Me a Second Chance,” encouraging the staff to use both sides of paper in order to reduce waste in the office. During the campaign, the staff, particularly those who regularly use paper such as the departments of accounting, finance, and secretary, has been very cooperative. By placing the used paper close to the photocopiers, the campaign has undeniably been successful in reducing the amount of paper used in the office.
    • The company has also promoted re-using of materials by donating the used materials from creating clients’ work and exhibits to relevant bodies and agencies. This effectively reduces the amount of waste at the company while, at the same time, maximizing the use of the materials and resources. For example, the company has previously donated the rice paddy used as decoration at the exhibition to the needy dog shelters. Furthermore, the company has also donated materials such as bamboo used to decorate exhibit booth to other foundations for other beneficial usages such as building dams and water dikes. However, it is important to note that as this campaign is an internal environmental policy, the success of the policy very much relies on the mutual consent from clients.
  • RECYCLE : Recycling to Reuse
    At present, the company categorizes office and operational waste into 3 groups:
    1. Recyclable waste such as glass, plastic, carton box paper, and shredded document,
    2. Paper used on both sides and not containing confidential information of the company, and
    3. General Waste.
    In general, the company sells the first group of waste to professional recycler. As for the second group of waste, the paper is delivered to relevant organization to properly reuse it e.g. making books for the blind. Finally, the last group of waste is dealt with like any other general garbage and is collected by the local concerned authority.

The company believes in and always promotes fair business conducts and ethical standards, with its goals in providing services that are valuable to clients’ businesses while at the same time socially beneficial.
With this in mind, the company gives highest priority to ensure the protection of intellectual property and takes extra care in our operations.

The company has zero tolerance regarding corruption. To prevent corruption at work, rigorous precautions and guidelines on working processed are laid down and are strictly followed. In addition, frequent notices regarding honesty at work are repeatedly sent out to remind the employees. The company continuously emphasizes the 3 characteristics of desirable employee:
  1. Accountability, meaning that each employee shall be responsible, trustworthy and can be able to account for his or her own actions.
  2. Integrity, meaning that each employee shall be honest, practice transparency at work, and not support any wrong-doing or corruption.
  3. Dignity, meaning that each employee shall have self-respect and shall treat others with the same respect and dignity.
PICO (Thailand) actively promotes respect for human rights and is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Also, the company is strongly against any workplace discrimination.
In the recruitment process, the company is also committed to the principles of equality and non-discrimination, which guarantees that every person is treated by the company with equal treatment and not subject to any distinction, exclusion or preference made on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.
Moreover, we support the community to be able to generate income and be self-sufficient. To this end, the company allowed the setting up of food stalls by the local community to sell to the company’s staff in the canteen. This, in turn, provides convenience to both the company’s staff and our neighboring offices.
Evident from being one of the first receivers of ISO 9001: 2008 on Project Management for Event Marketing, Exhibition, Museum and Special Project, the services provided by PICO are clearly up to a very high international standard.
Clearly, the certification acts as a proof of our professional services with good workplace health and safety, efficient working process, systematic data collection, and punctual delivery of projects.
Truly, the company believes that quality work only comes from quality staff, as reflected in the quality policy “Quality Life, Quality Work”. As a result, PICO (Thailand) regards very highly of employee rights, compensations, and benefits, as well as a fair treatment at work.